Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression is a non-surgical option with an 86% success rate in patients who suffer from pain associated with disc herniations or bulges in the spine. Symptoms of a disc injury can include pain in the neck or low back, numbness, tingling or shooting pain down the arms or legs. Spinal decompression is a gentle traction which is applied to either the neck or the lower back to promote retraction of a herniated or bulging disc, while also allowing a flood of nutrients into the disc making it a healthy healing environment. Used in part with our Disc-Ease program, patients feel a significant reduction in symptoms after their first treatment.

What makes our decompression different? Our state of the art decompression table comes equipped with vibration therapy, creating a relaxing environment for the soft tissues of the spine, allowing for a shortened treatment time as compared to traditional decompression units.