About Wellness

What is the definition of holistic health? It’s a wellness approach that addresses the whole body and the optimal function of the organs as bodily systems as intended.

Traditional medical doctors treat the symptoms and often ignore the cause.  Treating the symptoms with medication or surgery rather than looking for what causes the symptom is only a temporary solution.

A holistic health approach  promotes medication and surgery only when absolutely essential and after other solutions have been sought. It looks for the underlying causes of symptoms, rather than just covering up the symptoms with a medication.

The definition of holistic health may encompass many different elements depending on which field of thought you’re dealing with. If you can envision restoring the body as a working machine with all of the parts functioning at their best, that is holistic medicine.

Treatment approaches are highly individualized based upon the needs of each individual.  No two people are the same; nor are the current function and needs of the body.  So, the care plans developed for each client are customized.

We serve patients throughout New Jersey including but not limited to those that live or work near East Brunswick, Edison, Matawan, Metuchen, Monroe, Old Bridge, Perth Amboy, Sayreville, & Woodbridge.

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